Cebu: EGI Hotel and Resort

January, 2016: Our trip to Cebu was plagued by little things that stressed a couple of the people in our group. My bestfriend and I on the other hand just watched things unfold and waited patiently for our itinerary to be delivered to us. The travel agency came through and booked us an upgraded hotel that gave us this MAGNIFICENT view of the sunrise--see, good things come to those who wait. I got to watch the sunrise twice, both times wishing my husband was next to me. Traveling is weird without your favorite person in the world.

The hotel we stayed in offered free all you can eat breakfast. We got up to magnificent breakfasts--my favorite parts were the unlimited coffee, unlimited papaya and that they made me an egg white omelet with everything in it! Yep, they won my heart. The views from the resort wasn't bad either. Aside from the sunrise, the east side of the resort opens up to the sea. The beautiful, blue sea. 


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