Chicago: Field Museum

September, 2015: This was one of the BEST impulse plane ticket buys ever. My husband got tickets for us for less than $300 total, round trip. Fortunately, my aunt, owns a condo in downtown Chicago so that in itself saved us hundreds of dollars. They were also, in very true Filipino fashion, extremely hospitable, from airport pick ups and drop offs as well as gatherings, they were there for us.

This trip was the first trip Ron and I did not let our laziness get in the way. We were able to meet up with family right when we landed and explore the Navy Pier during the late afternoon.

These pictures are from our first day and the first place we visited--the Field Museum where we saw Sue the dinosaur and a lot of things about this beautiful planet we live in. The third picture was taken while we were munching on our (ketchupless) Chicago dogs, staring at Chicago's beautiful skyline.

We'll be back, Chicago. You beautiful city, you!


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